Music Lessons & Mentoring
Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.
- Plato
Give your child the gift of music and all the benefits that learning to play piano brings
Piano Instructor, Korry Moore

Korry Moore

Korry Moore studied under Heribert Michel from age five to 16. She obtained her Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 8 certification (with honours) and started her teaching career. She’s been a vocal/ensemble director and a rehearsal accompanist for theatre companies, in addition to working as a studio musician. Her work with individuals with developmental disabilities and orchestrating musical enrichment groups refired her passion for teaching and music’s ability to combine joy and learning.

Korry, a mother herself, is extremely comfortable with young children’s diverse needs when it comes to learning new skills. In addition to her work as a music teacher, she’s also worked as a professional child-care provider for over a decade, using a Waldorf-modelled approach.

Instructor Korry Moore (Royal Conservatory of Music) will help your child unlock musical talents. She offers an adaptive approach that takes your child’s individual learning style into consideration.

Piano Lessons

This private, child-friendly North Vancouver home studio offers parents:

  • Plenty of free, on-street parking directly in front of the studio in a safe neighbourhood
  • Encouragement and support to participate in local music festivals
  • Two annual Studio Recitals for students to showcase their music to family and friends, if they choose to

Leila Fletcher, Royal Conservatory, Albert’s Basic Piano Library and other teaching approaches are available.


Rates & Information

Tuition: $110 for 30 min. lessons and $220 monthly for 60 min. lessons.

Withdrawals: We require one full month’s notice, and cannot offer refunds for anything less than one month’s notice.

Missed Lessons: We will make up 2 per year – one in December and one in June. Lessons missed during December or June will not be made up.

*fees are payable by cash or cheque (made out to Korry Moore) in advance (post-dated cheques for entire year or per semester).

Benefits of Practice

Your child will learn how to create beauty with sound. She will have fun with music. He will invent his own little compositions. She’ll share her music with you and others. He’ll naturally learn focus. She’ll understand the fundamental life lesson that doing a little bit of something on a regular basis builds skills and expertise.

Learning how to play a musical instrument opens the mind, imparts valuable skills and gives your child a life-long ability to create beautiful music, delighting themselves and others.

There are multiple studies that link studying music to academic achievement. But there is also evidence that music training brings success in other areas. Some of the people who took piano lessons as a child (and have continued playing in adulthood) include Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, director/actor/writer Clint Eastwood, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, director Steven Spielberg, former chair of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan, and hedge fund billionaire Bruce Kovner to name but a few.

Contact Korry

Call 705.808.1817 or use the contact form below.